Abilify (15 mgs): 2 Weeks Later

I’ve been on Abilify (well 15 mgs) for 2 weeks now. I haven’t hallucinated in about a week’s time. My thoughts are becoming more if my own, and that’s really good. 

I had been feeling dreamlike for a while, but I think the Abilify has snapped me out of that.  Right now I feel normal. Well, except for the Risperidone. I’m withdrawing from it, and it’s making me feel nauseous and migraine-y.  The 1.5 mgs of that is doing me well.  I just need to get off of it completely. It’s not good for my body, and the withdrawals are going to tear me apart. 

I dunno. I’m scattered right now because of the headache. 


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