I hate my impulses.
They make me fat.
They make me regret things.

My impulses are like sins.
You want to stop doing it,
But it’s all you know and you keep going.

My impulses hurt me.
They tell me to bleed,
And they tell me to eat.

And I scream out
Where is my magic pill
that keeps me from being ill?

No one responds,
So I sit here with these damned impulses.

Untitled Poetry

I want to turn my brain off right now.
I’m either emotionless or overly-emotional.
I get so happy, then sad, then angry…

I want to turn my brain off.
I’m tired of hearing and seeing things.
I’m tired of thinking things that aren’t true.

I want to turn my brain off for a moment.
I am tired of the ups and downs.
I just want to be normal.