Another Hallucination? (Trigger Warning)

I talked about Dani, and she was this hallucination that told me not to eat. She called me fat and ugly just for eating, and I hated it. She made me afraid of calories to the point where I’d cry at meal times, especially at school. I heard a voice telling me not to eat, but she was different. It wasn’t Dani at all. 

I had this dream — or maybe it was something to where I thought it was a dream and she was talking to me — that a new, blonde, tall girl had walked into my life. Her name is Anna. She is popular, and her zodiac sign is a Leo. I believe the voice belongs to her. 

I was getting ready to prepare my breakfast, and I hear this girl saying, “Don’t eat.” When I asked her why, she said that I’ll burn more calories doing so. She also told me to drink water so that I don’t feel hungry. I know this is bad, but I’m not alone anymore. It’s a relief to me that someone is talking to me. I don’t like the message that she’s sending me, but hey, it’s something. 

I just don’t know how to tell someone this. I want to tell my psychiatrist, but he’s going to think I’m more insane. So, I don’t wanna talk to him. If I tell my therapist, she’s going to drill me with questions. 

So… I’m stuck.