A New Passion for Life.

So, I can’t keep my hands still.  Why is that?  I have been writing like crazy.  I am not manic.  I just forgot how much I enjoy writing…

But I rediscovered it, and I want to enter contests based on writing, and I just…

I’m happy.  I’m happy I’m doing creative writing in the fall.  I’m so….


I Restrict By Accident.

Yes, I know what you’re saying.  You might think that it’s impossible.  It’s just that up until now, I had only eaten a 120-calorie yogurt.  That was eaten at 9:30 this morning.  I ate a couple of hours ago because I felt like I was preoccupied.  So, I feel like I restrict.

The sad part is that I like to do that.  I like to forget and I love to have salads.  All the time.  Sometimes, I fill those gaps with coffee.  Sometimes, with tea.  But that’s something I love to do…

Is that bad?

Coping Mechanism Detected.

So, I was just playing around, and I found a new coping mechanism. Notice how I did this out of complete boredomness. But anyways, my new coping mechanism is something that I can do anywhere, and while it may cost me money in the long run, I don’t mind because it furthers my knowledge.

So what is it?


It’s something that I used to do when I was younger. I just read and read and read. I used to go to the library and check out a lot of books, and for some reason, I just stopped doing that. But now, I’m able to go to my school’s library and read. I have books on my tablet and on my bookshelf. I can learn, and I can read about anything that I want. It provides an escape for me.

Now that I’ve read, I feel much better about myself. I can smile again (if only for a while), and I feel really energized for some reason. So, I think this’ll help me get through until Wednesday.