It’s been a While | Updates

Hello, all. Time to fill you guys in on what has been happening. So, expect a long list of things that have to do with my life. I haven’t forgotten about this blog, but I was in a dark place, blah, blah….

  1. I am no longer in contact with that ex, and I quit my job. The reason why I quit my job is…
  2. … I am dissociating quite often. It got so bad that I became extremely depressed and slept a lot. But it’s okay because….
  3. …. I have a new psychiatrist that increased my antidepressant that seems to help, which….
  4. …. The love of my life is so happy that I’m happy. I met him online, and we met in November and started dating in December. I was so scared about falling in love so deeply, but we both felt a huge attraction to each other. That led to….
  5. … My engagement. Yes. I’m hoping to get married next year, but I need to stop being bridezilla. The engagement happened when we were drunk, but I feel as happy about it as I did I was drunk. OH….
  6. …. I forgot to tell you guys that I’ve been experimenting with alcohol and other substances. I find that they actually improve my mental health rather than destroy it.

Those are the most major updates I can think of right now. I have not had coffee yet. I need to wake up. Plus, I have errands to do and I get to see my fiancé today… lots of things going on. But, I’m happy.