My Own Style.

Hey, guys. Today, I feel like blogging about something else, seeing as this blog is about expressing myself. I have been thinking about the grunge fashion. I’ve tried to be in a lot of other subcultures, but none of them have given me the satisfied feeling I’m supposed to feel. I’ve been a nomad in alternative fashions, roaming from one place to the next.  Last night, though, I’ve been researching grunge fashion, and I found out where I fit.

The weird part about it is that I had a couple of grunge friends (who were a LGBT couple, actually) and they’ve introduced me to grunge.  I’ve listened to Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden… A lot of grunge. It was easy for me to get into the subculture, but the couple is now my ex-friends who left me on a bittersweet note.  You can get why I didn’t want to journey back to the subculture, right?

Now, I’ve decided to give the fashion a try. I’ve never really dressed grunge, but I’ve loved the music and how mellow it is. I’m starting to feel comfortable in simplicity. I’ve just tried out a makeup style and it was so simple and I love it so much! I just need to get a lot of flannel shirts, T-Shirts, shorts, and stockings. I also need a pair of boots…

But, I plan on going and buying things later once I delve deeper into the music. That way, I don’t have to be impulsive (even though my meds are making my impulsiveness go away).  I think I’ve found my style/music taste/subculture. Now, I feel like the stars are aligning and I’m finding out who I really am.