A Mystery?

So, I talked to my prescriber today. She seemed to be dressed in blue. Anyways, I told her that I’ve had some hallucinations,  and I’ve also brought up this new symptom.

I’ve been stuttering and my grammar structure has been off. She has no idea what has been happening. There’s 2 possibilities, but I’m not saying anything until we figure this out.

I was also talking to a coworker yesterday, and they said that they were a drug addict, but is in recovery. I have utmost respect for them, and I shared my struggles with them regarding my schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. They were kind of shocked and felt bad for me, but I assured them that I am better and happy and such. I just feel…

I feel relieved that I’m not the only one taking an antidepressant at work. I don’t feel like a freak anymore. This is the feeling that I have been wanting: the feeling of belonging.


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