Random Thoughts.

I saw Demi Lovato on TV this morning.  She’s launching a new program, though the name escapes me.  I think of her as like this really big person in Hollywood who is fighting to keep me alive and noticed within the media, if that makes sense.  She’s an inspiration to me, and I kind of have this small crush on her.  She’s really nice, or so I hear.

I’m stronger than I knew I was.  I’ve been suicidal on and off, but I’ve been thinking about the boyfriend who would suffer terribly if I committed suicide.  That always seems to snap me out of the pain I’m going through.  I should be in an asylum at this point, but I’m used to handling things on my own.  Besides, I joined this thing called the Buddy Project, and it’s on Twitter.

It’s about having a support system for those who are self-harming, depressed, or something else along those lines.  So, I joined it, and by luck, I found someone else that has bipolar disorder.  She’s really nice, and I’m very happy that we were paired up together.  I think this going to help me even more.


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