Something I’ve noticed. 

It’s almost been 6 months since I started hallucinating. How do I know that? Psych week is on, and it’s been about 6 months since I saw my ‘boyfriend’ cackling at me. I haven’t hallucinated like that in a while, so the abilify is keeping them in check. 

I’m currently watching Born Schizophrenic, and I can kind of relate to this. It’s wonderful that there’s something on early-onset schizophrenia and that people can be educated on this. 

Anyways, this is a big ball of random thoughts. 


4 thoughts on “Something I’ve noticed. 

  1. I’m on Abilify, it helps my depression but not so much this time, and they have kept upping the dose. Now I am kind of irritable and I think that’s what’s doing it. I’m on 3.5. which is not really all that high, but I was on 2.0 alt. with 2.5 before.

    Like you wanted all that, lol. Hope you are doing ok!

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    • Oh really? That stinks. Yeah, it’s not all that high, but I hope they find out what’s wrong.
      Yeah, I’m doing alright. I slept in, which means I’m at peace today. Thank goodness.

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      • Actually, I wake up a 7 on a daily basis as well. I woke up at a quarter to 9 which is amazing for me. But, yeah, if I were you, I’d take a nap sometimes. It’ll help your mood overall. ^.^

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