Let’s talk about something else. 

I’m tired of dealing with my mom and talking about that. It makes me depressed. 

Anyways, let’s talk about me being a geek. My boyfriend is the nerdiest thing ever, and though I haven’t given in completely to the world of nerd, I’m gravitating towards his land. It’s like, I can’t help but buy comic books right now. I even bought a Magic: the Gathering deck. I forgot to buy some D&D (Dungeons and dragons for those who don’t know the abbreviation) dice-things, so I need to invest in a pair of those. 

My boyfriend is into Marvel like crazy, and he began collecting some comic books recently. He’s gotten me to say, “hey, let me try this.” Now every time I go to the mall, I must get comics. I have about 4 so far, not counting all the manga I have, but it’s pretty fun going to the mall and picking out something that you and your boyfriend can bond over. 

Although, I don’t like how expensive this can be. Just for 2 comic books and a deck, it was about $60. I’m not complaining because of the money I’ve saved up from work, but still. How does my boyfriend afford his nerd collection? 

The best part about this – and I know you guys are wondering about this (probably not) – is that this gives me a way to express my transgender-ness. I can act like a boy when I’m reading a comic book, or playing a trading card game, and these are considered masculine activities. When a girl does it – ex. me and my female body – it’s considered amazing and awesome and girlfriend worthy to so many people. So, it’s a win-win. I think I found a place where I belong, guys. 


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