My mom doesn’t want me to get better.

That’s the only reason I have as to why my mom doesn’t want me taking lithium. So, I’m not worth the meds, and I shouldn’t be stable, and I should just die. That’s what my mom’s actions are saying to me right now.

“There’s too many side effects.” Well, it might just be the thing that calms me down. It might be the thing that makes me normal. God, how I want to be normal.

But I’m crying and upset, and no one really cares, and I’m sure as hell not telling my boyfriend. He would probably take my mom’s side on this.  But the point is that it was my choice to take lithium, and now my mom is butting in on my appointments and my decisions, and my choices don’t matter anymore.

This is seriously making me want to relapse, and I hate it.


6 thoughts on “My mom doesn’t want me to get better.

  1. That’s so frustrating 😦 she must know about your other medication. I wonder why now she’s so off put by lithium? You DO deserve to get better. Do what you need to do to stabilize. You’re an adult and you have control over your treatment


    • Because of the side effects in my grandfather. He took lithium and had tremors. That’s it. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m probably going to end up off of lithium.


      • Oh that’s right. Well, I know everyone is different. I can personally vouche that it has worked wonders for me! I don’t know if that helps. Like I said, you’re an adult. Research it and find what works best for you. Ultimately, you’re in charge of what you put in your body or not, you know?


  2. ps: I do want you to know tho, Lithium ruins your thyroid, so you will have to take thyroid med the rest of your life. They didn’t tell me that when they put me on it 😦


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