I just want to sleep. 

I want to sleep all the time. It’s because I’m depressed and I know I am. I just want to sleep and have a great time doing so. But I’m talking to my boyfriend and I want to see The Voice finale, so there’s no time for that until 10. 

I’m transgender, but I hate wearing pants. I know I sounds weird, but I like wearing skirts because they’re not as heavy on my legs. I like doodling on my face with eyeliner and using makeup to express myself, but I still feel like a male. That’s what’s throwing me off when it comes to my gender identity. I haven’t told my boyfriend, and I don’t plan on it. Either way, he’d love me. So there’s no worries about that. Besides, I don’t think being a femme male would bother me. 

I have been thinking about talking more about sex, and that’s odd because I’m awkward when it comes to that. I’m thinking it’d make me less awkward when I talk about it. I don’t want to talk about it to my therapist, and it’s because she would see me stuttering or blushing. She’d bring up my boyfriend, which wouldn’t help. So… It’d be a bad experience for me. Not bad meaning bad. Bad meaning “too awkward.”  

These are a bunch of sleep-induced thoughts, and I thought I’d do an update. By the way, my computer is dead. So I might not have longer updates for a while. I need to either get it fixed or get it replaced. Anyways, that’s all I have to say. 


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