Social Networking and Other Things.

I’m trying to become more involved in social networking in order to find friends, and I was thinking about becoming involved with emailing people.  I need to connect with others, and I was thinking about making a tumblr so that I could find people to connect with.  Let’s face it, my social circle has dwindled down to you guys and my boyfriend.

However, it will not be like the twitter incident.  Lots of people were kind of hating on me because I decided to put out there that I’m schizoaffective.  I’ve looked on Tumblr, and there’s a whole bunch of schizoaffective people on there.  I’d love to talk about symptoms and just be myself for once.

In other news, my mom is still denying that I have Bipolar Disorder.  I don’t plan on telling her that I see, hear and feel things, if you catch my drift.   She still considers me as having depression, and that’s because it’s my most debilitating symptom. She mistakes my mania for being in a great mood.  It’s hard when she freaks out and says I don’t have it. It makes me feel like she doesn’t accept me for who I am.

My boss is being an idiot and didn’t schedule me at all this week for work, and I’ve come to believe that between the lying and the not scheduling me, she is showing me that she doesn’t like me at all.  I want to quit this job so bad, but I can’t.  I want to put some money towards moving to where my boyfriend is.

I’ve been having hallucinations, such as “people” touching me, or someone whispering to me.  I’m scared because of that.

But besides that, everything has been good.


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