Update on Yesterday’s Troubles

I didn’t cut last night. I signed up for this thing called Project Buddy, and it’s on twitter.  What it’s for is to help others who have any mental disorder, self-harm issues, and the like.  I got a buddy yesterday, and just talking to her made life a lot more easily.  She asked me about myself and then I talked to her about writing and how it helps me.  She likes writing too.

It seems as though we were an unlikely team to be paired up.  I mean a schizoaffective boy and a beauty queen of a girl.  Still, she’s very understanding and I think we need each other more than anything.  It’s nice to have a support system somewhere other than here.  I check my personal twitter more than anything.

I’m just kind of glad I joined when I did and that I got my partner when I did.  Yesterday was tough.  I think church triggered me into a self-loathing mood.  I don’t know why, but I bet that’s the cause.


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