Using a class to my advantage is pretty smart.

Yep, I took a class to learn more about myself.  What class is that?  Abnormal psychology.

I have to write a paper, and now, I’m choosing to write about schizophrenia.  I’m doing this to gain a better understanding about my new disorder.  I was told it wasn’t my fault and that my brain can’t turn a certain switch off.  It’s my brain’s fault, basically.  Well, I want to see what makes me tick.  I want to know what is affecting me.  What parts of my brain don’t work all that great?  What part of my brain is different compared to another person’s brain?  I want to know.

So, I think it’s good that I’m doing this research project.  I want to do this so that I can share this with my boyfriend and have some evidence to say, “Listen, it’s totally my brain and not me.” I also don’t want to be ignorant about my mental health.  The more I know, the more I can feel what’s happening with me.  Yeah, I’ve thought this out.


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