About Danielle, “fondly” Known as Dani

There’s one major hallucination that I forgot to mention entirely.  Her name’s Danielle, but I call her Dani.  The thing about her is that she has this alter ego that she calls Cyra.  So, she also goes by Cyra.  When she says Cyra, it means that she’s very provocative, and at that point, she tries to influence me to do the same. But anyways, let’s get to the description, which, unlike the others, she appears to be condensed down to the looks of a celebrity.

Short blonde hair, wide blue eyes, and she’s rather short.  I can’t describe her that well, but I know of a celebrity that looks exactly like her: Lily Loveless.


It’s freaky how she resembles Dani, but that’s totally fine. What’s not fine is that she is the one that told me not to eat.  She still tells me not to eat, but it’s because she gets a certain idea in my head that I can’t resist because of my impulse control issues, and I go along with it for a few days.  Because of her, I’m becoming obsessed with my weight. I want to stop posting and weigh myself right now because of her.

She was the most vivid visual hallucination that I had.  I swore, I could touch her, and she looked as real as a person you’d see on the street.  I must say, though, she was mean/sarcastic, but she does have a conscience.  That puts her right in the middle of Thayer and Tristan.

So, yeah, I’m going to stop talking about her, and it’s because I’m starting to want to act on weighing myself and stuff.


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