31 Days of Bipolar – Days 12 and 13

Hey, guys, so I was sick and only able to make one post. I’m feeling better, but I’m still under the weather.  I decided to try and catch up with this thing, so I might make 2 posts dedicated to 31 days of bipolar. I didn’t want a lengthy post, so I’m dividing them up like I normally would write them. So, let’s get to day 12.

12. Who was/is your favourite doctor (any kind) and why?

I had this one doctor. Actually, I can list her name on here because it’s so general, no one can be able to track her down: Doctor Jones. She was so nice to me and she thought the world of me. She was more of a friend than a doctor, and if it wasn’t for her, then I wouldn’t be on meds or in treatment for my bipolar disorder.

She was the first one to notice that I was depressed, and I remember when she diagnosed me with depression.  It was when my mom and my sibling were fighting a whole lot at home, and I had started to hurt myself, specifically at that time. She pulled me aside into a room, and she said that my sibling wasn’t the one that was depressed, but I was the one that was depressed. I didn’t believe her until I couldn’t stop crying in front of her.  She wrote it in my chart rather big and it was in blue, bubbly letters. She made sure I was alright for the most part. But yeah, I owe my current sanity to her. Otherwise, I could’ve been hospitalized right now.

13. Who was your least favourite doctor and why?

Does it count if the person was a nurse? It does? Ok.

The nurse I got rid of for psychiatry was my least favorite person. Here’s what he did:

  • Falsified records.
  • Assumed that I wasn’t taking a med when I was because he didn’t say otherwise.
  • Lied to me several times.
  • Asked yes or no questions, then assumed things about me that I didn’t say was true.
  • Didn’t listen to me.
  • Tried to make me sound more insane than I was.
  • Told me that 100 mgs of my anti-anxiety meds could knock out a person. I could have drugged someone, and it would’ve been his fault.

The list goes on and on. Like, the guy was ridiculous. And I’m glad he is.

Anyways, this should’ve been done yesterday, but like I said, the flu stinks.


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