My day has been shit. { Trigger Warning }

I’m so depressed, and no one is listening.

My mom was really nasty to me this morning, and she said some things that really did hurt me. Then I was forced to speak in classes, and another class triggered me. Then the boyfriend thing stressed me out. Then a person deemed me “untrustworthy” on little to no basis.

It’s taking me all I can do not to self harm. It’d be the 4th time in a month, which means I’ve kept this up every week for a month. I just want to give up on life. I’m tired of being depressed and if I have to continue this, I’ll just hurt myself in some way, whether that be cutting or starving or some other thing.

I just need help, and no one will give me it.


3 thoughts on “My day has been shit. { Trigger Warning }

  1. Sometimes people that don’t suffer from depression can’t see that we are asking for help, they can’t see that the hardest thing to do is to verbally ask. Call an anonymous hotline, sometimes a stranger is better at caring than those we love. It is hard to be strong, but there are many of us here that will support you and help you through your bad days. Be easy on yourself, be kind to yourself. You are not alone. I will be thinking of you. *hugs*


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