I think I’m better off finding someone else.

I have a boyfriend, and he also has bipolar disorder. His is better controlled than mine. However, he seems like he’s kind of… How do you say…?

Kind of clingy.

Let me explain. (I’ve done so on my other blog, but I’m gonna look at this from a psychological standpoint.) I am an independent young woman. I’m great in school, I enjoy reading, I’m pretty much entertained by the internet and I like to do all of these things by myself. I don’t really need to talk to anyone to have a good day.

This guy that I’m dating seems as though he’ll panic when I don’t answer a text within, oh, 15 minutes. He’ll make sure that I’m ok and likes it when I’m happy (which, spoiler alert, that’s not always the case). He wants to shower me with gifts and love and cuddles…

I’m not comfortable with this. I don’t like gifts. I want to be left alone at some points. I have to tell him to leave me alone. I just… I feel weird about it all of the sudden. I feel like he’s clingy out of fear or out of need. He needs to get over himself.

I don’t get why he’s so anxious about losing me. He’s usually not like this. And to be honest, it’s becoming a turn-off. I’m not really into him anymore. Then again, I’m not sure if it’s my depression talking. Or maybe I’m just coming to my senses.

Regardless, I’m annoyed with him, and I don’t know if I should end it. But yeah, that’s all. I just need to blow off some steam.


2 thoughts on “I think I’m better off finding someone else.

  1. I am very much an introvert. I would really be bothered by that, irritated. That’s not to say that it is necessarily something wrong with the person, but I definitely have needs for alone time and space. I don’t want to be needed so badly!


  2. There’s only two ways to do this: one — talk to him and explain (calmly, if possible) that you’re feeling smothered. Now, this may not go over well because sometimes the person doesn’t know or realize they’re being clingy and to them you’ll come off as “exaggerated.” It may be possible that there’s something else going on with him that he’s projecting onto your relationship, or … maybe you guys need to work on this with a professional.

    Now, two: you end the relationship. You know yourself; you know this type of clingy thing isn’t going to work for you and before you fall into a toxic relationship (been there and done that) you cut your losses.

    I don’t know how you feel about him, but if you think the relationship is worth “saving” you should try to work through this. If not, then goodbye is a good idea. Just give yourself time to think whatever decision through.

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