Another Blog?

Yes, I think it’s time to set up another blog. I want to talk about things that don’t have to do with mental health, as it can get tiring. I want to focus on my life more, and the reason why is because doting on just my mental health may not help my depression. I need to talk about me.

So, I might post a link to my new blog on this post so that you guys can follow my adventures and see what I’m like without my mental disorders. I’ll still be keeping the alias because I find a comfort with using it.

But yeah, that’s just a thought.


3 thoughts on “Another Blog?

  1. Good idea Kyla, I was wondering about that myself. I do have other things in my life too but at the moment my only blogging identity is as a depressive – I don’t want to link mine though because on my other blog I’d be happy to be named.
    You could make clear categories and keep it on the same site – that way you’d keep the followers from this blog.
    I’m sure it’ll be interesting how ever you do it.

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