“You worry too much, Kayla.”

Ok, I thought this was something that was untrue and I laughed it off, but apparently it’s true.  My anxiety is showing through recent events.

First, my mother got hurt, and I couldn’t help but make sure she was alright.  I told her to “be careful” about 20 times, and I’m not really exaggerating. Then, my sibling had to get their wisdom teeth extracted, and I’m doing the same thing again.  I have to make sure he’s alright.

Some people would say that I’m caring, but I’m afraid they aren’t alright and that they might get sicker. Maybe this is because I don’t want them to die. I know, it’s sounding irrational, but I do not handle death well, and seeing anyone uncomfortable is freaking me out. It’s not because of blood or them being in pain, it’s something else that I can’t seem to put my finger on.

I need to work on this with my therapist, and thank God I see her this Thursday.  But, part of me is hesitant to bring this up. Once again, I don’t know why… I’m just realizing that I’m becoming a nervous wreck.

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