Finally Found My Religion.

So, here’s a warning: if you are not open-minded to religion or spirituality, I highly suggest you skip over this post.  It may be touchy for some people as well. I am not trying to push my religion on anyone. I’m just blogging about it because I can.

There. Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I suppose I can talk about my religion and why it was so hard to find it.

I was a Christian, and what really bothered me was that I felt guilty all of the time.  I felt guilty for experimenting with religions like Buddhism, and I always cried a whole lot.  It’s because of that guilt that I called myself a Christian.  I felt anxious because I had to go to church and that made me feel even more worthless.  Needless to say, this whole religion did nothing but strike fear in me.  It didn’t help my depression and it didn’t help my anxiety.

Now, I experimented with Wicca, which is a branch of Paganism.  I loved that religion.  I suppose that it helped my mental state of psychosis really well.  I meditated, which helped my anxiety and depression.  I felt a certain connection with it. It’s hard to explain… But I really did like it.

Actually, I like it so much that I’m switching to it.  I think it’s a wise decision, in my opinion.  Religion is supposed to better you, not make you feel worthless inside.

6 thoughts on “Finally Found My Religion.

  1. It’s all about what brings you closest to peace 🙂 You don’t need a label, although if you enjoy the label, than that’s cool too! Blessed be ❤


  2. I am really interested in religion and spiritual beliefs, and I like this post of yours. If you don’t mind answering this, what are the principal beliefs in Wicca? I’m not asking because I’m nosy or anything, I’m just genuinely interested in Wicca and I’ve sort of been reading about Paganism lately.


    • Well, there’s the Wiccan Rede that explains the religion in full. I would recommend reading it simply because it goes over the whole religion. I would type it out for you, but it is rather lengthy. It’s also written in an older language, but since you’ve told me you read some older literature, it shouldn’t be an issue.

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