Speaking of Self-Harm… { Trigger Warning? }

…I realized something.  I waited it out, mostly because I didn’t feel like doing it.  It was because of the hallucinations.  However, there is something that’s interesting about my hydroxizine.

Hydroxizine, a medicine used for anxiety, does help with the hallucinations.  I remember taking my meds, and then when it kicked in, I noticed that the voices were gone.  I was a little hesitant when I ate because of a voice telling me not to… But since I took the meds, they were gone until later that night.

I took it again before I went to school, and I haven’t heard or seen things that are alarming to me.  I think that’s really odd.  I’m sure it’s not supposed to do that. Perhaps it affects the part of the brain where the hallucinations come from…?


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