First Day of Classes, Specifically Abnormal Psych. {Trigger Warning}

Hey, guys! I just got done with my classes for today, and this is my first day back.  I survived, so that’s really good.  But I wanted to talk about my opinion about a class that I’m taking: Abnormal Psychology.  I wanted to learn more about my mental illness (whatever that is now) and pay attention to some of my own behaviors and compare it to the textbook.

Now, I am really anxious about this class. It’s not because the coursework is a little on the heavy side.  It’s the topics.  The teacher mentioned self-harm today.  I wasn’t triggered by it, but I did feel a little uncomfortable.  “Dangerous behaviors may indicate a mental disorder,” he said.  “It’s obvious if someone’s cutting themselves that they are a danger to themselves.  It’s easy to spot.”

Then, I retorted in my mind, “Yeah, sure, but some of us don’t let others see it on our wrists.  Some of us do it on our ankles, legs… Some places that can only be seen in intimate situations.”  What bothers me about this teacher is that he kind of assumes that all people injure themselves in the same way: With a razor, on their wrist, X amount of times.  That sounds rude.

And then, on top of that, he said that if anyone has any experiences, they can share them with the class.  I would love to share as I do online… But to have a lot of people look at you in a different light when you already have some social anxiety isn’t going to help me.  Having people say, “Oh, she hallucinates, so she must be a psychopath” isn’t going to help me.  People will more than likely psychoanalyze you if you share about your disorder.  That’s how people in my age group work…

I thought I was going to have a fun time in this class, and I don’t want to drop it.  It’s a GPA booster for me.  But I must say, this whole experience made me dissociate (like, blank out dissociate as in actual dissociation) for some of the class. I just hope people don’t criticize my disorder.  The whole situation may be awkward.


5 thoughts on “First Day of Classes, Specifically Abnormal Psych. {Trigger Warning}

  1. Easy to spot, my ass … hope it gets easier to handle and you can ace the class. Don’t blame you for.not sharing, I doubt I would either, once anyone talked shite like that. Easy to spot. Hahahaha. Doofus.


    • I know I can ace the class. It’s because I’m really good with mental disorders. I’ve researched them for 4 years.

      Yeah, it does seem really strange for him to be a psychology teacher and say something like that. We need people who can actually educate. xD

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  2. Your professor obviouosly knows very little about self-harm, if that’s all he had to say about it. As a “former” cutter and someone who has a B.A. in psychology, I’d say he’s seriously uninformed. I wouldn’t have shared my experiences in that situation either.

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  3. I don’t blame you for not sharing either!!
    Hey guys want to look at a real specimen that we can analyse – no really it’s safe —– yeah right.
    He probably has good intentions, but no real understanding. Educate yourself past him and show him how it’s done !

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