20 Random Facts About Me

I decided that in order to get to know me better (and out of my own boredom) I should post 20 facts about me. Let’s see what comes out of my brain.

  1. I’m very into abnormal psychology.
  2. I have an IQ of around 140.
  3. I draw cartoons.
  4. I’m working towards my degree for nursing.
  5. I know a lot about alternative fashions.
  6. I am pretty good at writing, though my mental troubles are slightly affecting that.
  7. Autumn Asphodel and SuperCrazyLady21 from YouTube inspired me to share my experiences.
  8. I love educational television.
  9. My first diagnosis was an EDNOS (Eating disorder not otherwise specified) at the age of 6.
  10. I’m getting into superhero movies, and I like Iron Man and Captain America.
  11. I believe I am in love.
  12. I’m a part of the LGBT community.
  13. Get this, I’m also Christian.
  14. I must have a cup of coffee Monday – Saturday.
  15. My favorite color is pastel pink.
  16. I am an ISFJ.
  17. I’ve had guys’ moms try to get me to date their sons.
  18. I plan to lose 30 pounds this year.
  19. I don’t have favorite songs, but I have songs that remind me of a specific situation in my life.
  20. I find it easier to make friends over the internet because I don’t have to make eye contact.

Yeah, that’s about it. This was really hard to do. Anyways, see ya!


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